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title: Gold water river

Gold water river

A short walk north along the central axis is parallel five bridges marble, with a river flowing arched beneath them in the plaza across from Gate of Supreme Harmony (Taihemen). They were called the interiors Golden Water Bridge and the Golden Water River Interior to distinguish the Golden Water Bridge and the river in front of Tiananmen. Again, the bridge in the middle was only used by the emperor and empress. Why was designed as a river in the ...

title: Rickshaw through winding streets and back alleys

Rickshaw through winding streets and back alleys

Rickshaws can always be found at major transportation centers located in the city center and tourist areas. Legal rickshaw drivers are easily identified with short throw painted a golden yellow color. When it is decided by rickshaw tour, bargain for a price before boarding, under normal conditions, the tour will take one hour ...

title: Golden Temple

Golden Temple


title: 200 Years Old Coin

200 Years Old Coin

Coins from Indus Valley Civilization

title: 200 Years Old Coin

200 Years Old Coin

Just bought the this masterpiece. This coin is from the age of Indus Valley Civilization.

title: Hall of justice

Hall of justice

You can see two bronze lions live symbolize "dignity" and "authority" standing majestically out of the gate. They said the male lion in this teasing a ball with his right leg indicates the omnipotent imperial power, while the female lion on the left has her left leg hanging a lion baby tenderly, implying prosperity royal family. Moving on, you will find yourself in a ...

title: share biking

share biking

Beijing is increasingly congested than other city. the bike lanes are filling up fast with parked cars, rickshaws, and walk pedestrians.On June 16, 2012, the pilot exchange service Beijing municipal public bicycle stage opened in the districts of Dongcheng and Chaoyang with 2,000 bicycles and 63 rental stations. Share bike is becoming more and ...

title: Cycle by winding rivers

Cycle by winding rivers

But what really makes this trip is to show the real face to face China. The experience of traditional life in rural villages and modern life in new cities. By the river and cycling, traveling past remote villages and vast fields of rice and sugar cane to the bustling cities of ancient Zhaoqing and Wuzhou. For a taste of everyday life, visit with local youth in cafes road enthusiasts are quick to greet you; do not often see Westerners, especially on ...

title: Two wheeled cart

Two-wheeled cart

It is a journey through hutongs gave us a glimpse of traditional Chinese life. The most fun way to do this is with a rickshaw ride. Children do not just zipping around, many enjoy, but all the signs and wonders the way. Mahjong game, some in the morning a large group of people were practicing, are. Colorful markets and small stalls selling local food products were. Children playing on the road, and all ...