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title: Beijing


Here in the image you can see a man holding a little girl and walking on the small alley in Beijing. The alley very congested, with a cars and motor cycle parked at the side of the alley. The construction behind the cars is looking stunning. It is constructed in Chinese traditional architecture. The seeing image is look alike at the market side. The image is somehow looking nice. Make sure to visit all the spot of Beijing if you are free enough. Numerous capable ...

title: Architecture1


Beijing is a city emphatically highlighted by its sorts of construction modeling, for the most part is contained present day building and traditional building. Concerning building design, Beijing is well known for its antiquated construction modeling including the royal residence complex, sovereign manor, siheyuan and hutong. Distinctive individuals in diverse classes lived in the distinctive sorts of houses. The antiquated construction modeling of Beijing firmly ...

title: Shichahai


Located in the north of Beijing, Shichahai is the confluenceof three lakes, Qianhai, Xihai and Houhai. Shichahai has about ten temples in the neighbourhood. The undulating waves and weeping willows of the lakes lends beauty and romanticism to Shichahai. The natural beauty of the place is the reason for its popularity down the ages. In the imperial era, this was out of the bounds of commoners. After the establishment of the Communist Government, this area has been ...

title: Beijing


Beijing never stops attracting tourists with its unique historical monuments. Holiday-makers are always offered to participate in numerous fascinating tours and extensive cultural programs. Here everyone can choose the entertainment to fit one’s taste. Temple of Heaven is one of the most remarkable architectural ensembles. The temple was erected more than five ...

title: heaven on earth

heaven on earth

Temple of Heaven. The Hall of Annual Prayers in Bei-jing (Peking), where the ‘Sons of Heaven’, the Chinese emperors, received the Mandate of Heaven (tʾien-ming) to rule. It goes back to the Ming dynasty (1368–1661), and is built in a spacious park outside the (former) Forbidden City. An annual sacrifice of burnt offerings was performed here by the ...

title: Great Wall of China 10

Great Wall of China 10

Here in this image you can see Beijing people at the foot of the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is one of the amazing monuments of the city which attract outsiders. Here in this picture you can see various voyagers walking around the Great Wall of China. Countless voyagers come every year to Beijing and must visit this Great Wall of China. The Great Wall, one of the best considers of the world, was recorded as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Much the ...

title: Jade museum and store

Jade museum and store

title: Great Wall of China 4

Great Wall of China 4

This perspective caught the Great Wall of China and is by all accounts exceptionally staggering and appealing. Here in this image you can see numerous visitors strolling around the great wall with their family and friends. This is the perfect place for outing in Beijing and a not to visit of course. ...

title: Baoguosi Temple Culture Market

Baoguosi Temple Culture Market

Baoguosi Temple Culture Market is Located around and within the courtyard of the Baoguo Buddhist Temple, in the Xicheng district, the Baoguo Temple Culture Market is a relatively small and scenic area. The temple was built during the Liao Dynasty. Baoguosi Temple Culture Market is neither the biggest nor the oldest temple in Beijing. However, ...

title: Beijing Transportation

Beijing Transportation

Beijing is a huge city, necessity has made it to develop fast and efficient forms of public transportation. With the 2008 Olympic Games, the subway system was exquisitely improved and extended. There are three main forms of public transportation: subways, buses and taxis. The Beijing subway has been extended over recent years and it is planned to be the largest in the world. The subway system is an ...

title: Beijing


The solution for all the diseases does had a place at Beijing, China. Other than being a popular and fascinating tradition, Beijing herbal cure tradition is also valued scientifically. New medicines have been synthesized from the herbs, such as treatments for high fever and asthma from Chinese ephedra, and a number of anticancer agents from trees and shrubs. Over three hundred herbs that are employed today have a history of usage that dates back ...

title: Leave daily stress behind

Leave daily stress behind

Bicycle Kingdom expands first round of the Emperor of all places imperial Beijing. We will cycle around Tianmen Square, Forbidden City and along Changan Avenue - widest street in Beijing. Spend the ancient observatory, the ruins of the wall and its largest intercity corner tower. Your guide will share imperial history, point out interesting ...

title: Arts shop and souvenir in Beijing

Arts shop and souvenir in Beijing

Arts shop and souvenir in Beijing have huge selection of potential purchases for anyone hunting for gifts and souvenirs. Tourists visiting any place always like to carry souvenirs and artifacts with them. Beijing has richness in history and Chinese arts has a uniqueness. It is a crafted with hands. There are many arts shop and souvenir in Beijing namely Paniyuan Antiques Market, Liulichang Antiques street, Baoguosi Cultural Market, Linagam Antique Market. Beijing is well-known ...

title: Beijing People

Beijing People

Beijing is a gigantic metropolis with various shades and a distinct personality. Over the years, there is a mass influx of migrants from poorer hinterland to this city. The modern Beijing with superlatives markets, malls and high rise apartments are off the limits of commoners. Lotus market as it came up in this picturesque neighbourhood of the former imperial parks is frequented by these common Beijing people. This area has the mesmerising beauty and ...

title: Getting around by bike

Getting around by bike

Cycling high efficiency, environment friendly, healthy, less pollution, and congestion, parking requirements, and can help reduce energy use; This is the future transport system in the city is considered as the future was bright. Hutong hideaways and historical backbone of the city's artistic Park, we are only five fantastic way to explore the city on ...

title: Beijing City

Beijing City

Notwithstanding their brutal history, the three nations are nearly connected monetarily, with China the greatest exchanging accomplice for both South Korea and Japan. They are additionally individuals from now-stalled provincial demilitarization talks went for closure North Korea's atomic weapons programs. South Korea and Japan are both imperative U.S. ...



Today, there are over a million rare and valuable works of art from the permanent collection of the Palace Museum, [17] including paintings, pottery, seals, steles, sculptures, articles registered, bronze objects, objects enamel, etc. According to an inventory of the Museum between 2004 and 2010, the Palace Museum has a total of 1,807,558 including 1,684,490 artifacts and items designated as protected ...

title: Beijing


Here in the picture one can see a dazzling inside of a customary Chinese house in Beijing, China. The beautiful inside of the room is truly charming. The structural engineering and the style of the house are noteworthy and staggering. The paper light holding tight the roof is looking beautiful and moving. The outline of the light is intriguing and amazing. Beijing, earlier Romanized as Peking, is ...

title: Beijing Lotus market

Beijing Lotus market

The above image showed the view of beautiful Entrance gate of Beijing Lotus market. Beijing Lotus market is the major attraction part for tourists in in Beijing. Beijing Lotus market is full of small shops and restaurants surrounding a beautiful lake. Beijing is the capital city of People's Republic of China. Beijing is also one the populous city in the world. Beijing city is the third largest ...



Sacrificial and religious character looks better in pieces have called 琀 that is shaped like a cicada and placed in the mouth (media have 含 "containing") of a deceased person. The other is a hollow cylinder called cong 琮. It symbolized the sky (the inner hole and back) and earth (the outer quadrilateral). Jade objects belonged to the symbols that the ruling elite use to demonstrate their connection with heaven. The ...

title: Beijing


Beijing is the most famous place that has found all the herbs for all kind of diseases. ‘Man’ originated from nature, (human body is a combination of fire, earth, metal, water and wood) thus dependent on the nature. Even the nature has given the man what they need; it’s just the point of correct and accurate recognition. Leaves, roots, Stems, flowers, barks, and seeds termed a ...

title: Beijing


It’s a street view of Beijing city amid the bus Tour. Like different cities all through the world, Beijing has paid an ecological cost for its twentieth-century monetary and mechanical advancement. The substantial industrialization presented in the 1950s carried with it air contamination, which the legislature has tended to by moving production lines to the edges of the region and utilizing common gas rather than coal as a warming fuel. On the other hand, the developing number of engine ...

title: Beauty of the building

Beauty of the building

To expand the important milestone East, South, West and North Streets, connecting the tower to the East, South, West and North gates of the city wall of the Ming Dynasty. The wooden tower, which is the largest and best preserved of its kind in China, is 36 meters (118 feet) high. It stands on a brick pedestal 35.5 meters (116.4 feet) long and 8.6 meters (28.2 feet) high on each side. During the Ming Dynasty, Xian was an important military town in ...

title: Great Wall of Wall

Great Wall of Wall

The greatest tourist attraction in China is without doubt, The Great Wall of China. It is one of the most magnificent and greatest man made sights in the world. Being the longest wall in the world, it is an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive construction. Its winding path over rugged country and steep mountain slopes makes for some great scenery. Great ...

title: Forbidden City palace

Forbidden City palace

This is an artistic creation of the North West corner tower of the Forbidden City Palace.This tower sitting in the midst of a lake is stunningly beautiful.The Palace complex was dispatched by the head Yongle. Forbidden Citypalace is one of the biggest and most delightful royal residence buildings on the planet. At the point when the city was made-up, the ruler was accepted to be the child of ...

title: Jade museum and store

Jade museum and store

title: People


Ren Tai Duo – is an idiom one is accustomed to hearing in China. It literally means “Too Many People” but its sub-context implies to a feeling of frustration expressed by a person who lives in the most populated country in the world. For any traveler to Beijing the city's history and culture can be daunting. The Chinese capital is brimming with more sights, eats and treats than most countries. The city ...

title: Beijing conference center

Beijing conference center

Beijing conference center, Beijing Continental Grand Hotel are an understood undertaking in Beijing. Opened in 1990, the tradition focus has served just about 1,000 distinctive worldwide and residential traditions, displays and gatherings every year since its origination. In 2002 the lodging and tradition focus blended ...

title: Beijing City

Beijing City

Further, the choice to test and the attestation that India would create an atomic obstacle inferred that New Delhi would at some point try to target China with atomic weapons. This exertion at re-putting wretched helplessness with shared powerlessness regardless how awry it may be—recommended that Indian policymakers were ill-equipped to hang their trusts singularly on the serenity of Chinese plans, particularly over the long haul, given ...

title: Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a large city square in the center of Beijing, China, named after the Tiananmen gate (Gate of Heavenly Peace) located to its North, separating it from the Forbidden City. Tiananmen Square is the fourth largest city square in the world (440,000 m2 – 880×500 m or 109 acres – 960×550 yd). It has great cultural significance as it was the site of several important events in Chinese history. Tiananmen Square has been ...

title: the temple of heaven

the temple of heaven

Built in 1420 during the reign of Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty, the Temple of Heaven, which passes through baptism for almost 600 years, is the largest existing complex of ancient architecture in China. He served as the altar for emperors to offer sacrifices to the God of heaven and pray for good harvests during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 AD - 1911 AD). Larger than the Forbidden ...

title: Club


This is the close-up view of the Club which is situated in the famous Lotus Market of Beijing, China. Club is one of the reputed clubs of lotus market of Beijing. Club is well maintained and well-designed club of the lotus market. Lotus market is full of small shops and clubs surrounding a beautiful lake. Beijing is the capital city of People's Republic of China. Beijing is also one the populous city in the world. Beijing city is the third largest city in the world. Beijing is situated ...

title: Beijing old streets residential markets and architecture

Beijing old streets - residential - markets and architecture

title: Tea Tasting centre and store set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea is the most popular form of beverage in China. Chinese people, particularly those residing in Beijing, prefer tea. For this very reason thousands of tea stores are spread across the length and breadth of the city. You will find old-style chain tea stores such as Wu Yutai and Zhang Yiyuan. These tea stores offer specialized, superior quality teas. ...

title: Jade museum 22

Jade museum 22

This is an amazing statue and it looks very attractive. From this image, you can imagine the attractions and beauties of Museum. Here in the photo you can see the intriguing specialties of the city. This photograph predicts the verifiable charms of the city. There are many Museums which are very attractive and famous. The Capital Museum offers a fine prologue to Beijing and its traditions, old stories and customs, and ...

title: Religious attractions in Beijing

Religious attractions in Beijing

Beijing remained the capital of many emperors for over a thousand years, which made the city a centre of political and cultural activity in China. Many empires ruled the country from Beijing and in the course created massive structures and monuments for the kingdom. Some of these were meant specifically for the royals to use for their accommodation and receation, while others were created ...

title: what s up with the history

what's up with the history ?

Although the rickshaw has appeared in numerous regions of the world, China was one of the few countries where rickshaws made enormous contribution to employment. Introduced in the late 19th century by foreign missionaries, who played big role in urban development in China in the 20th century. (22) persons of the noble class, who were reluctant to go ashore, as their preferred Rickshaw mini-transport. Its popularity ...

title: Beijing


This is a photo of a girl at on the wonderful and antiquated Chinese entryway in Beijing Hutong. Being a customary exceptional society house in the Hutongs, it has a long history in Chinese building design. There is stand out door prompting a Hutong, so when the entryway is shut it puts some distance between the outside worlds. Accordingly relatives can completely appreciate peacefulness and offer the satisfaction of a serene family union. Most of the present ones ...

title: Beijing People

Beijing People

title: Beijing 30

Beijing 30

In this place you can find the people of Beijing roaming around with their friends with all their amazing instincts. Beijing is one of the best as well as amazing attractions of China. This is fundamentally a center point for the untouchables and additionally the neighborhood individuals who are inhabitants. Beijing is the capital of China and an intriguing mix of the old and new. With a district of 16,808 ...

title: Forbidden city the palace museum

Forbidden city - the palace museum

The Forbidden City-palace museum , also called the Palace Museum now, shares the privilege of being one of five world most famous palaces with the Palace of Versailles in France, Buckingham Palace in England, the White House in the U.S. and the Kremlin in Russia. In 1961, the Forbidden City was listed under Chinese central government special preservation act. In 1987, it was nominated ...

title: Beijing market

Beijing market

This is an amazing perspective of Beijing market. Here in this image you can see a wall on which you can see some design. Here Chinese language is written on this wall as you can see in this image. The Beijing market is a champion amongst the most well-known shopping places in Beijing among neighborhood individuals. You can discover great arrangements in business sectors around the Beijing on things like jade, pearls, tailor-made attire or knock-off ...

title: Beijing 3

Beijing 3

This is a royal view of Beijing military tank. These days Beijing is the second biggest Chinese city by urban populace after Shanghai and is the country's political, social and instructive focus. It is home to the base camp of the greater part of China's biggest state-claimed organizations, and is a noteworthy center point for the national thruway, interstate, railroad and rapid rail systems. The ...

title: Signboard


This is a bewildering snap demonstrating the flawless point of view of the signboard on the expressway of Beijing. Movement signs advantage individuals' travel and play imperative capacities on activity wellbeing and smoothness. As of late, the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau put incredible endeavors ...

title: Tourist


The image of a tourist is so annoying. Always clogging up the pavements and looking so clueless on buses. In every big metropolis worth its name, be it Singapore, New York or London, you see them helplessly clinging to their guidebooks. Everywhere they are led like sheep to Times Square, New York or Leicester Square, London, where they loiter pointlessly breathing in hot-dog fumes be ...



Lama Temple is large. The statues and artwork inside the buildings are amazing and exactly what you can see in Tibet. However, the architecture of the buildings is all Chinese and really nothing like that anywhere monastery in Tibet. Yonghe Lamasery is this kind of places that you should visit in Beijing, as it is similar to other resorts in parks and at the same time, is very different. ...

title: Tea Tasting centre and store set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

Tea Tasting centre and store - set of tea pots with oriental style and mood

title: Beijing