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Beijing - People

title: Houhai


Any trip to Beijing shall remain incomplete without a quick tour of the Lotus Market. Situated in the vicinity of the Houhai Lake, the market has a elaborate and intersting arched gateway. This is the decorated archway ( Pailou), the south entry into the market street. The Lotus Market was named Shichahai Tea and Bar Commercial ...

title: Beijing People kiosk before arriving to the great wall

Beijing People - kiosk before arriving to the great wall

title: China


This is a group scene gathered along the sanctuaries and Imperial College in Beijing. In these lanes there are incalculable Chinese voyagers, youthful and old. The youthful Chinese visit the Confucius Temple to find out about the life and times of one of the best scholar thinker and educator of antiquated China. For the more established individuals, this is an indication of ...

title: Beijing 4

Beijing 4

Here in this image you can see a man is enjoying a cycle ride on the road of Beijing, china. Beijing is one of the best as well as amazing attractions of China. Every traveler to China choose Beijing for their stay with their friends and family. You can go on your vacations to Beijing for some lovely time with your friends and ...

title: Beijing


This is the image of Beijing it shows us the dressing sense of Beijing people. In Beijing you find the combination of both the Chinese traditional and Chinese western dress. This is a road scene brimming with individuals in the old parts of Beijing. Beijing is one of the greatest and most developed urban communities in Asia. The advanced way of life of a Beijing is exceptionally occupied and ...

title: Beijing travel

Beijing travel

Beijing is great place that suits the most luxury seeking traveler as well the most stingy budget tourist. Beijing travel presents opportunities galore for one and all. This city serves those who love to chill out in a nice air-conditioned shopping mall while buying the best of branded stuff or catching a movie at the cozy megaplex, while at the same time it also suits those who prefer bargain shopping in the streets and eating the popular and cheap ...

title: Winter months in Beijing

Winter months in Beijing

The winter months in Beijing stays from late October to mid-March. As compared to summer, winter is bit short with cold and chilled days and it gets dark by 5pm. So you can buy tickets of major attractions maximum by 4.30pm. However, the sights stay open all year round. The best part of visiting Beijing in winter is that there are fewer tourists around and so you can have all the liberty. In addition, Beijing winter highlight also ...

title: Great Wall of China 3

Great Wall of China 3

This is the starting point of the Great Wall of China in the picture. Here in this image you can see so many visitors go to start their climbing to the great wall. And other are resting on the stairs with their family and friends. Here you can imagine the enjoyment of the city and it seems to be very ...

title: Attractions


Beijing is vibrant with amazing attractions, Forbidden City, the most magnificent palace in China; Ming Tombs, an imperial tomb cluster for thirteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644); Great Wall, one of the seven wonders of the world; Temple of Heaven, the worshipping site for the emperors; Summer Palace, the grandest ...

title: Beihai Park

Beihai Park

Beihai Park is a classical example of Chinese gardens that can be found throughout the site of the Imperial architecture. Beihai Park is part of the Forbidden City, the imperial palace, and was an imperial garden and now a public park located to the northwest of the Forbidden City in Beijing. First built in the 11th century, it is among the largest of all Chinese gardens and contains numerous historically important structures, palaces, and temples. Since 1925, the place has been open to ...

title: Great Wall of China 13

Great Wall of China 13

This is the photo of the foot of the Great Wall of China. In this picture you can see guests appreciate here with their friends and family. And some of them sitting and relaxing around the great wall. This is one of the major and most visited site of the city, visited by countless visitors every year. Trek along the Great Wall, you can visit the Forbidden City in ...

title: Beijing 24

Beijing 24

This is a lovely view of people who are spending their best time with their family and friends in Beijing, China. At every place we have the opportunity to explore something different and unique. Beijing's atmosphere is a storm impacted damp mainland atmosphere which is described by hot and moist summer as an aftereffect of East Asian Monsoon, and a for the most part icy, breezy and in addition dry winter. The spring and harvest ...

title: Great Wall of China 2

Great Wall of China 2

This photograph of the Great Wall of China is amazing and faultless. There are various extraordinary histories of China which are genuinely appealing and visitors get captivated about those histories. Segments of the Great Wall were at first produced by sovereigns and overlords in the Seventh Century BC at the present time resistances when China was confined into distinctive little states. Beginning now and into the anticipated future, the Great Wall was changed, changed or expanded all ...

title: Beijing


The stream of sightseers to the Lama Temple; Beijing is huge. This remarkable sanctuary is a sparkling fascination in Beijing's Buddhist atmosphere. People like to invest some very energy in these sylvan surroundings. While having a visit, it is pleasant to snatch a few diners being sold in the city. The offerings are shifted and come cheap. Fried Dough Drops is an ...

title: Beijing 88

Beijing 88

This is a lovely view of Beijing where people are enjoying their holidays with best buddies. Everyone love to enjoy with loved ones for some sweet memories and happiness and Beijing is one of the best travelling places. Beijing city, as the capital of People's Republic of China is one of the four government domains (Beijing, ...

title: Beijing


These are common stores offering Buddhist supplies in city Beijing. These include Guanyin Buddha, the Maitreya, Electric candles, Civil and Military God of Wealth. Many of these statues are stunning work of art worth loving. Do invasion into the shops to pick your stuff while going by Beijing. Things displayed in shops are very attractive and you cannot stop yourself from buying them. Mostly shops has stocks related ...

title: Beijing tour

Beijing tour

Planning your Beijing tour? In Beijing, there still exist some places where you can see the old streets, typical Northern Chinese buildings and authentic Beijing folk culture despite of the fast pace of the modernisation and urbanization. On your Beijing tour, one of the most fun filled place not to be missed is surely Shichahai. This consists of three artificial lakes dug up during the imperial age. Lotus lane lies to the west of ...

title: Beijing people 11

Beijing people 11

In this picture you can go through the expression of the Beijing people. Here in this image you can see a man wearing a traditional dress of china is sitting outside the shop in the street market of Beijing, china. Beijing, China's national capital, is arranged at the north edge of the North China Plain. Not far to its ...

title: Beijing 85

Beijing 85

This is a view where people are enjoying with their friends and family in Beijing during their vacations. Everyone wish to go for a place which should be perfect for the great fun with best buddies. If you also wish to plan a trip with your friends and family then you should start searching for the best place. A place full of fun is Beijing which is in China. ...

title: Beijing


She is a youthful visitor in Guozijan. This is a well-known road in old Beijing prompting verifiable landmarks. Vacationers visit Lama Temple of Tibetan Buddhism and Temple of Confucius. There are numerous guests to this spot who are youthful Chinese keen on their old past. Guozijian Street is a standout amongst the most well-known Hutongs in Beijing and is a critical recorded site. ...

title: Hutong


This is a tight road called hutong in Chinese. This is a piece of old Beijing where the trees lined avenues highlights tranquil and sylvan environment close to the Confucius and Lama Temple. Each block recounts to its own story and the guests are both voyagers and nearby people. The cool climate is a rest from the modest of occupied with Beijing life. People say that the genuine ...

title: China


This is a road in Old China. To experience Beijing life, walk around the little breezy rear ways called Hutongs. Between the city's principle streets, it permits you to encounter bona fide life of basic Chinese individuals. The road is lined with shops offering relics and trinkets. Beijing has a few shopping locale offering an essence astonishing mixed bag of merchandise. The customary shopping areas have dependably been Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street, ...

title: Joy of Chinese festivals

Joy of Chinese festivals

Among the various interesting and auspicious festivals celebrated in Beijing, the Duan Wu Jie or the Dragon Boat Festival is the most amazing one that no one should miss. The literal meaning of the name of this festival is ‘holiday on the fifth day of the fifth month’ and this festival was created in the honor of poet Qu Yuan. As part of the tradition related with this festival, people eat zongzi - a triangular glutinous ...

title: Beijing People praying inside the Lama temple

Beijing People - praying inside the Lama temple

title: Beijing People 33

Beijing People 33

It is a stunning perspective of the city of Beijing People. Here in this picture you can see a man is remaining on the focal point of the road wearing white dress of hand to hand fighting. Hand to hand fighting is one of the acclaimed craft of China. Chinese Kung Fu is a movement of fighting styles which has made over a long irrefutable period in China. Nowadays, it is seen as an ordinary amusement ...

title: Hutong activities

Hutong activities

It is often said that the real culture of Beijing can be experienced in the culture of the Hutong and Courtyards. This is a fact and that is why hutongs attract numerous tourists including domestic and international. Moreover the number of tourists coming to explore the hutongs in Beijing is more as compared to the ones visiting high-rise buildings and malls. People, especially westerners, are really excited to ...

title: Beijing People Chinese artist in old Beijing singing in a pub

Beijing People - Chinese artist in old Beijing singing in a pub

title: Kid friendly places in Beijing

Kid friendly places in Beijing

There are tons of kid friendly places in Beijing and the most popular among them is the Beijing Zoo which is spread over a huge place and has many exhibition halls and sites such as Beijing Aquarium, Panda Hall and Gorilla Hall among others. It also has a host of rare Chinese animals, like the Giant Panda and the Golden Monkey along with a selection of other animals from around the world. The second interesting and kid friendly place in Beijing is the China ...

title: Beijing Excursions

Beijing Excursions

Beijing is a great place with numerous attractions and historic sites. Moreover, the city also offers numerous interesting places for Beijing Excursions. Here we are mentioning some such places. For instance the Chuandixia Village Trip presents such an exciting excursion opportunity. This village is listed under the national level cultural relic protection ...

title: Beijing People guitar artist one man show singing in a pub

Beijing People, guitar artist - one man show singing in a pub

title: Beijing people 2

Beijing people 2

Here in this picture you can see Beijing people playing games on the street of Beijing, china. Games has shaped an imperative piece of the lives of Chinese individuals since the time that the start of the development till the present day. Beijing is the city which is the ideal blend of society and advancement. This is the main city in China which is brimming with astounding ...

title: Beijing people 10

Beijing people 10

This is an amazing and attractive view of Beijing, China. Here in this image you can see a beautiful lady standing near the sign board and posing for the picture. The picture is taken from one of the major sites of the city. Apart from all the sight visit interacting with Beijing people is another thing in the wish list of the outsiders. Because they are very sweet and helpful as well. And interacting with Beijing people is the ...

title: Shichahai


Are you planning your exotic trip of the East. In Beijing, there still exist some places where you can see the old streets, typical Northern Chinese buildings and authentic Beijing folk culture despite of the fast pace of life, urbanization and modernisation. Shichahai is a place where modernity meets tradition – historical hutongs and courtyards; trendy bars and restaurants. It is also a scenic area with willow lined ...

title: Two Buddhist nun from Tibet visiting

Two Buddhist nun from Tibet visiting

title: Beijing people 5

Beijing people 5

It's a wonderful and appealing perspective of one of the prominent site of the city. Here in this picture you can see two lovely women strolling around the Great Wall of China. Beijing is not just a best place to joint for untouchables yet for the Beijing people too. Definitely, Beijing is the social point of convergence of China. Beijing has favored an overabundance of aims for society. Beijing is much the same as the thickest reference book, containing the social legacy of 5,000 ...

title: Culinary delights in Beijing

Culinary delights in Beijing

Beijing is well regarded as a political and historical city along with being the cultural capital of China. However, you cannot ignore the fact that along with all these, Beijing is also the culinary hub of the country. This is one of the best places in Asia where you can experiment with your taste buds. One of the most popular and authentic recipe of the city is the roasted duck. Besides, you can try ...

title: Beijing 121

Beijing 121

Here in this image you can see the people are enjoying in Beijing with their loved ones. Beijing is an amazing place for travelling and thousands of travelers love to go there. Most outside guests don't realize what to and where to eat when they go to Beijing for first time. Beijing is the political and social focal point of China, and obviously ...

title: Beijing People 16

Beijing People 16

It’s a lovely perspective of one of the eminent site of Beijing, China. Here in this image you can see two beautiful ladies clicking some photo and capturing some moments in their camera for the beautiful memories. There are various untouchable and Beijing People also on this famous site of the city. Beijing is the city which never baffle anybody's wish in any way. The city dependably brings to the table something for everybody. Whether you are running alone with ...

title: Forbidden City

Forbidden City

The design of the Forbidden City, from its overall layout to the smallest detail, was meticulously planned to reflect philosophical and religious principles, and above all to symbolise the majesty of Imperial power. Some noted examples of symbolic designs hers include: The Forbidden City is surrounded on three ...

title: Beijing in General

Beijing in General

Talking about Beijing in general, the city was instituted and urbanized with the joint efforts of all the Chinese nationalities from generations. The city serves as a melting pot of long-established Oriental Civilization and the heritage of Chinese culture. The city witnessed prosperity throughout centuries as a capital during various dynasties such as Liao, Jin ...

title: Beijing Museums

Beijing Museums

Among the various popular Beijing museums, the Chinese Aviation Museum is a good place to visit. This is, in fact, is Asia’s largest museum that displays aircraft relics. Located about 40 miles north of Beijing in the foot of fascinating Xiao Tang Hill in Chang Ping District this covers an area of more than 1,000 acres. The ...

title: Beijing


A Chinese visitor is most presumably attempting to find herself through Google mapping or perusing some history on her phone. Beijing is the capital city of China. It is likewise an imperative chronicled spot. The old parts of the city have numerous sanctuaries and cloisters delineating the religious convictions and life of the Chinese individuals. The two most imperative ...

title: Beijing 72

Beijing 72

This is a lovely view of Beijing structure where people are enjoying their evening in Beijing. Beijing is the best destination for travelers with their family and friends. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and is the political and social focal point of the nation. A quickly developing and cutting edge city that joins the old and the new, Beijing offers an entrancing look into ...

title: Hutong


These are shops offering incense adheres on path to the Lama Temple in old Beijing. This is one of the biggest and most imperative religious communities of Geluk Tibetan Buddhist on the planet. It was affectionately restored by the Tibetan nuns. The spot draws in a considerable measure of voyagers and additionally Buddhist travelers. The sheer volume of the incense smoldered at the ...

title: Shopping malls in Beijing

Shopping malls in Beijing

While planning your Beijing tour, you simply can’t miss on the shopping part. In Fact, for many tourists Beijing is nowhere less than a shopping paradise. And if you already know about that places where you can get the best deals, you will spend much less time than required. Along with various shopping streets in Beijing, the malls in the city also attract large population ...

title: Beijing 107

Beijing 107

It’s a lovely view of Beijing road near a river and people are enjoying here with their friends and family. Beijing is an amazing place for the fun of travelers. Everyone loves to do fun with their best buddies and also they need an allure place for their fun. Beijing is that much amazing which you are searching for your trip with best buddies. Beijing ...

title: Beijing


This is an image of a typical shop in the Temple Street; Beijing. Buddhist travelers and different guests to fume incense sticks in this sanctuary; Beijing. The shop shows gigantic stock of them. Different obsolescent, talismans, Buddhist charms are additionally accessible in these street side stands. There are stream of guests to the sanctuary regular. The vast majority of them are youthful ...

title: Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

The solemn and respectful Tiananmen Square is the largest central city square in the world, which serves not only as the symbol of the city but also the whole of China. Tiananmen Square, literally the "Gate of Heavenly Peace" Square, is named after the eponymous gate that sits at the square's north end. At present, the ...