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Latium - Landmarks

title: Arche


In this image you can see that Constantine believed that his improbable victory over Maxentius was the result of the help of the Christian god. As a result, during Constantine's reign persecution of Christians ended and Christianity became the official religion in the Roman Empire. He also moved the capital of the empire from Rome to Constantinople in 325 AD (before known as Byzantium, now ...

title: Roman Statues and Arches

Roman Statues and Arches

Here in this photograph you can see the Roman Statues and Arches wrapping the great pool of Villa Adrian. This photo adds beauty to Rome. It’s a best place for tourists to walk around this pool. You'll learn entrancing Renaissance history, discover astounding archeological smashes and perceive included gardens and amazing wellsprings on a trek that is sure to be as essential as it is enchanting. Tivoli is a circumstance cooler than in Rome and has been favored since old ...

title: The Colosseum3

The Colosseum3

The Colosseum was wrapped up with a huge shade known as the velarium. This shielded the observers from the sun. It was connected to huge shafts on top of the Colosseum and secured to the ground by expansive ropes. A group of around one thousand men was utilized to introduce the canopy. Head Vespasian, author of the Flavian Dynasty, began development of the Colosseum in 72 AD. It was finished in 80 AD, the year after Vespasian's passing. The immense amphitheater was based on the site ...

title: Arche Costantino 3

Arche Costantino 3

Rome is an amazing place for travelling. Here you can enjoy every special moment with your best buddies. Every attraction of city is amazing and stunning which will make you excited. Here in this picture you can see famous Arche Costantino, Rome. Arche Costantino is 26 meters wide, 21 meters tall and 7.5 meters profound, the Arch of ...

title: Picturesque Rome

Picturesque Rome

It’s a beautiful scenery of the city of Picturesque Rome. Here in this picture you can see the astonishing structures of Rome which is by all accounts extremely alluring. The endless City adulates its long history with points of interest, sanctuaries and restored remains that offer an investigate life in the midst of the seasons of the gigantic Roman Empire. Here are our picks for the 10 ...

title: Anno Domini 2

Anno Domini 2

Here in the photo you can see the exquisite Anno Domini of Rome. Rome is a best destination for couples in light of the fact that it is well known for romance. Rome has numerous charms to offer you which will make your outing an exquisite and vital trek. Particularly the wellsprings of Rome are more than astonishing. Anno Domini is the monstrous first Fontana wellsprings, and if Domenico Fontana got his ...

title: Torre Argentina 4

Torre Argentina 4

In this picture you can see Cat Wandering around Between Ruins of Historic Largo di Torre Argentina. It’s so amazing to see them. In 1929, the Torre Argentina (the spot where Julius Caesar was killed) was unearthed and an enormous territory was opened under the road. The felines immediately populated the ...

title: Rome Fountain

Rome Fountain

Located in the southern area of Piazza Navona, the Moor Fountain takes its name from the group of sculptures of the tank. Pigeons have found in it a safe refuge.

title: The Great Colosseum1

The Great Colosseum1

This is astounding snap showing the amazing perspective of the great Colosseum Rome. The Colosseum today is currently an important traveler destination in Rome with a huge number of voyagers every year paying to see the inside coliseum, however enchant for residents of the European Union (EU) is somewhat sponsored, and passage is free for EU natives underneath eighteen or more than sixty-five years old. There is ...

title: Campidoglio


The existing design of the Piazza del Campidoglio and the surrounding palazzos was created by famed Renaissance artist and architect Michelangelo Buonarroti. The cordonata staircase designed by Michelangelo leads to the Piazza del Campidoglio. To the left is the staircase leading to Santa Maria in Aracoeli basilica.

title: Trevi Fountain 1

Trevi Fountain 1

The Trevi Fountain is located in a little distance from the Spanish Steps so you should syndicate this visit. As you can see in this image there are so many things to see in Rome. Here in this image you can see many travelers enjoying with their loved ones. You can leave at the Spagna metro station ...

title: Colona


In this image the original dedicatory inscription has been destroyed you can get on with the guide book to have a look on the same, it is not known whether it was built during the emperor’s reign (on the occasion of the triumph over the Marcomanni, Quadi and Sarmatians in the year 176) or after his death in 180; however, an inscription found in the vicinity attests that the column was completed by 193.In terms of the topography of ancient ...

title: The Colosseum6

The Colosseum6

The Colosseum of Rome Situated in the archeological heart of the city of Rome, the Flavian Amphitheater, or, more all around, the Colosseum, stays for monumentality and gets regulated interminable pulled in by the bid of its history and its mind boggling improvement illustrating. Manufactured in the first century CE at the summon of the pioneers of the Flavian association, the Colosseum, named after a huge statue ...

title: Anno Domini

Anno Domini

Here in this image you can see Anno Domini which is an amazing fountain of Rome. Rome is famous for its amazing fountains where thousands of travelers love to go with their loved ones. There are many things to do in Rome which are amazing and attractive as well. If you see this image then you can imagine the beauty of this charm. Because of the few historical reasons today Anno Domini becomes one of the best and amazing attractions of city. Anno Domini ...

title: Great Colosseum

Great Colosseum

Whether you're taking your very first trip to Italy or a private honeymoon packages in Rome, it's hard to take the first steps of planning any vacation. After all, there are so many adventurous things that you can do in Italy and usually not enough time to see it all. This means that it is significant to organization well when it comes to picking your Italy voyages and tourism trips if you want to get the utmost out of your Italian ...

title: Colosseum4


This is a dumbfounding snap demonstrating the excellent snap of the Colosseum Rome. The Roman Colosseum or Coliseum, initially known as the Flavian Amphitheater, was dispatched in AD 72 by Emperor Vespasian. It was finished by his child, Titus, in 80, with later changes by Domitian. The Colosseum is found only ...

title: Fontana de Trevi 1

Fontana de Trevi 1

In this image you can see various things that are related to the Town House Fontana de Trevi which is a new elegant accommodation located in the very heart of Rome, at only 25 MT from the delightful Baroque masterpiece of Trevi Fountain. It's precisely situated in Via dei Crociferi 41, near the most vital vacation spots offered by the Eternal City. This humorous property has been still inaugurated, and offers ...

title: The Colosseum6

The Colosseum6

The Colosseum is generally circular fit as a fiddle, with its long pivot, arranged WSW-ENE, which measures 188 meters and the short one 156. The building stands on a base of two stages; above it there are three stories of arcades and a fourth story without curves yet with little rectangular windows. ...

title: Arche Costantino 7

Arche Costantino 7

Here in the picture you can see a close up view of Arche Costantino, Rome. This is an amazing charm of Rome and most visited as well. The Arch was assembled by summon of the Senate of Rome to remember the triumph of Constantine over Maxentius in 312 AD. The Arch, 21 meters high and 26 wide has three passages and is ...

title: Exit Vatican Museums

Exit –Vatican Museums

People sitting in sidewalk cafés in a comfortable atmosphere facing the Vatican Museums entrance where the above statues portray Michelangelo (left) and Raphael (right) supporting the coat of arms of Pius XI.

title: Colosseum Rome Italy

Colosseum Rome Italy

The openings still seen in numerous segments are only the gaps made to give out the lead and iron utilized by the Romans for the nails inside the marble pieces. The amphitheater could hold up to seventy thousand observers. The levels of seats were slanted so as to empower individuals to get an impeccable perspective from wherever they sat. ...

title: Amazing Colosseum

Amazing Colosseum

This is a dumbfounding snap demonstrating the delightful bit of craftsmanship at the stunning Colosseum Rome. The external mass of the Roman Colosseum is made altogether of travertine, extending 527 m around and four stories high. The second's curves and third stories were initially loaded with statues. There were 80 passageways, with the two main ones saved for the ruler and his ...

title: Colosseum


Arrangement of the Colosseum started under Emperor Vespasian (69-79) and was executed under his child Titus (79-81) in 80 AD. It was based on the site of a simulated lake made by Nero in this valley between Rome's numerous slopes, before his Domus Aurea royal residence. The enclosure was then known as the Flavian ...

title: Chiesa Del Gesu2

Chiesa Del Gesu2

This is an astounding snap showing the beautiful perspective of the Chiesa Del Gesu Rome Italy. It is formally known as "The Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus", the congregation frequently alluded to as basically "Gesù" was the first church manufactured by the Jesuits, a religious request established by Ignatius of Loyola. The request was ...

title: Rome Colosseum

Rome Colosseum

Rome Colosseum is one of the world's best known destinations from times long past, and for something constructed in 80 AD, it's holding up extremely well. It was here that the Roman heads got a kick out of the chance to watch warrior's stage until the very end fights furthermore chase and execute wild creatures. The stadium was assembled so individuals from the overall population could likewise appreciate the brutal spectaculars. Section was free, despite the ...

title: Arche Costantino 1

Arche Costantino 1

There are many amazing and attractive charms in the world which should not be missed. Rome is the best and really amazing city which is full of alluring attractions which are more than your expectations. Every Charm of the city during the trip will make you excited. And a visit to Rome will make you and your best buddies glad. If you love to ...

title: Statues in Hadrian s Villa

Statues in Hadrian's Villa

Here in this photo you can see the Statues in Hadrian's Villa of Rome enveloping the wonderful pool of Villa Adrian. This photograph adds greatness to Rome. You'll learn spellbinding Renaissance history, find amazing archeological crushes and recognize included gardens and astonishing wellsprings on a trek that is certain to be as basic as it is entrancing. Tivoli is a situation cooler than in Rome and has been favored since old times as an extent of summer living arrangement for ...

title: Colonna Antonina

Colonna Antonina

This is an amazing and unique attraction of the city and is called Colonna Antonina. In 1752 when Giuseppe Vasi drew this scratching Piazza Colonna was the most vital square of Rome; or to be more exact of the moderately lay society made up of the respectable families which had their castles along Via del Corso, of the ...

title: The Rome Colosseum

The Rome Colosseum

This is a stunning snap showing the lovely perspective of the Rome Colosseum. The Colosseum's interior was divided into three parts: the arena, cavea and podium. The arena had a wooden floor covered in sand to prevent the combatants from slipping and to soak up the blood. Trapdoors led down to the ...

title: Rome Colosseum4

Rome Colosseum4

Here in this image you can see an amazing perspective of the Rome Colosseum. The Colosseum is arranged only east of the Roman Forum, the monstrous stone amphitheater known as the Colosseum was charged around A.D. 70-72 by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian administration as a blessing to the Roman individuals. In A.D. 80, Vespasian's child Titus opened the Colosseum-authoritatively known as the Flavian Amphitheater-with 100 days of recreations, including gladiatorial battles and ...

title: Largo di Torre Argentina

Largo di Torre Argentina

You can see Ancient Preserved Ruins of the Largo di Torre Argentina Landmark in this picture. Felines have long been connected with Rome and its remnants. A few assessments put Rome's feline populace at 300,000, and an Italian "biocultural legacy" law presented in 1991 directs that, wherever five or more felines live respectively in a "characteristic urban natural surroundings," they ...

title: Villa Celimontana Gate

Villa Celimontana Gate

This is an amazing image of an architecture of the Villa Celimontana Gate in Rome. With its yards and brilliant blossom beds, this verdant walled park is a grand spot to escape the group and appreciate a late spring outing. At its inside is a 16th-century manor that was once possessed by the Mattei family however now houses the Italian Geographical ...

title: Rome


Here in this image you can see Roman warrior marble stone statue at Museum of Capitoline. This statue clarifies a percentage of the histories of Rome which pull in untouchables of the city. The Capitoline Museums in Rome, were arranged up by Pope Clement XII in 1734, making them the first unquestionable spotlights on the planet open to the comprehensive group. Really one presentation entryway ...

title: Trevi Fountain 14

Trevi Fountain 14

Here in this picture you can see a portion of Trevi Fountain which is an amazing wishing fountain. Every statue of this fountain is amazing and is famous for some pasts. Today the water is reused, so you can't drink out of the wellspring (like the first Romans). The Trevi wellspring, motivated by Roman triumphal curves, is the biggest and most popular Baroque wellspring in Rome (standing 25.9 meters high and ...

title: Rome Piazza Navona il fascino di Roma

Rome -Piazza Navona - il fascino di Roma

Pigeons peacefully standing on the statutes placed in the Moor Fountain.

title: Colonna Antonina 5

Colonna Antonina 5

This is the picture of unique attraction of Rome. Colonna Antonina was made in 113 AD to celebrate his two crusades in Dacia (presently Romania). The old segment can be found close to the Roman Forum in Rome Italy. Since the sixteenth century, the statue roosted at the highest point of the 40 meter segment has been that of St Peter. Beforehand, then again, the honor went to Trajan himself. Trajan's Column is of verifiable noteworthiness as occasions from Roman history are chronicled ...

title: Piazza Venezia Vittorio

Piazza Venezia - Vittorio

This large sunny square is the true hub of Rome featuring the impressive equestrian statue of King Vittorio Emmanuele II.

title: Fontana de Trevi 2

Fontana de Trevi 2

Do you love traveling? Do you want to do something special for some special? Then you can plan a trip to Rome with that special buddy. Are you looking for something different or unique? All of these questions are raised when you are going to choose a trip destination. And the answer for all the questions is only one and that is Rome. Rome is ...

title: Colosseum point of view Le Colisee

Colosseum point of view - Le Colisée

View from the Colosseum, a major tourist attraction in Rome. The area surrounding the Colosseum is paved with the original ancient slabs of stone. Standing just outside the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine, a triumphal arch erected to commemorate Constantine I’s victory over Maxentius at the battle of Milvian Bridge, on October 28, 312.

title: Rome Fontana de Trevi people amazed Trevi Fountain  Fontaine de Trevi

Rome - Fontana de Trevi - people amazed Trevi Fountain – Fontaine de Trevi -

People amazed at the sight of the Trevi Fountain.

title: Colonna Antonina 6

Colonna Antonina 6

This is an astonishing and special fascination of the city and is called Colonna Antonina. In 1752 when Giuseppe Vasi drew this scratching Piazza Colonna was the most crucial square of Rome; or to be more correct of the decently lay society made up of respectable families which had their manors along Via del Corso, of the rich outside pioneers who stayed at the Strangers' motels Quarter. Of the various experts and legal counselors sharpening at the tribunals in Palazzo di ...

title: Chiesa del Gesu1

Chiesa del Gesu1

This is a dazzling snap demonstrating the stunning point of view of the Chiesa Del Gesu Rome Italy. The Chiesa del Gesu is a memorable church in Rome remarkable for both its imaginative miracles and its place as the focal point of the Catholic Jesuit Order. It took practically one hundred years for noteworthy ...

title: Colonna Antonina 4

Colonna Antonina 4

If you think to plan a trip then you should choose Rome as your trip destination. Rome is the best destination for you where you can enjoy with your family and friends. Every city has its own specialties which are famous and people love to go there. Colonna Antonina is a lovely charm of the city which ...

title: Colosseum of Rome

Colosseum of Rome

This is an astonishing snap demonstrating the lovely Colosseum of Rome. The circular building is huge, measuring 188m by 156m and coming to a stature of more than 48 meters (159 ft). The heavenly structure was clad in marble and 160 overwhelming statues graced the curves on the upper floors. The Colosseum could oblige exactly 55,000 observers who entered the building through no under 80 passageways. Over the ground are four ...

title: Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Here in the picture you can see an amazing night view of Trevi Fountain which is a famous wishing fountain. This is the best place to go for a trip with your loved ones. Here you can wish anything for you and for your best buddies. Travelers love to come there as clear in this image. The Trevi Fountain, or Fontana di Trevi in Italian, is Italy's biggest and most popular Baroque wellspring, standing 85 feet high and 65 feet over. Rococo craftsmanship, a prominent European ...

title: Chiesa Del Gesu8

Chiesa Del Gesu8

This is an astounding snap showing the fabulous perspective of the Chiesa Del Gesu Rome Italy. The assemblage, definitively the "Chiesa Del Gesu," is unadulterated Baroque. Plan understudies of history reluctant to recall that it as unadulterated "Sicilian Baroque" regardless surrender that it is a champion amongst the most ...

title: Rome Pantheon tourists

Rome - Pantheon - tourists

Tourists flock to the Pantheon, one of the best preserved buildings of ancient Rome.

title: Rome monuments

Rome monuments

Various monuments from Rome.