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Latium - Landmarks

title: Inside the Colosseum Le Colisee

Inside the Colosseum Le Colisée

Going inside the Colosseum, one can notice the arena and hypogeum, and the interior seating. An architectural marvel with colossal dimensions.

title: Cats Napping at Torre Argentina

Cats Napping at Torre Argentina

In this image you can see Cats Napping at Torre Argentina. These cats look really sweet and cute. Another sanctuary can be seen in the pyramid that ascends at a much more honed edge than the popular pyramids in Egypt. This may have been because of off base data on the Egyptian front, development with respect to the Roman manufacturers who, utilizing solid as a ...

title: Trevi Fountain 5

Trevi Fountain 5

There are many ways of making life easier and the best way is to travel for an amazing places with your family. Time that you spend with your family is the best time ever for you. Because family is the first choice and if you want to spend times with your family then plan a trip to make them happy. The ...

title: Trevi Fountain 23

Trevi Fountain 23

Everyone loves to go for a lovely and amazing place. There are many attractive areas in the world which should not be missed. Do you know there is an amazing fountain in Rome and named as Trevi Fountain. Trevi fountain is an amazing and most attractive fountain in all of Rome. The wellspring constitutes the terminal wellspring of the Acqua Vergine, the water system constructed by Agrippa – general, child in law and teammate of Augustus – to ...

title: View of Santa Maria

View of Santa Maria

This is a Lovely View of Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. One needs to see that since the seasons of the late realm the Esquilino Hill had facilitated a little sanctuary committed to Giunone Luncina defenders of births, to whom matronal galas were devoted. Inside, notwithstanding the different mediation, the congregation has kept up the 3 walkways of the V century, isolated by 40 solid marble and rock segments. In 1288 Niccolo IV requested the development of the transept. Alessandro VI ...

title: Rome 53

Rome 53

This is an image of a lovely landmarks in the city of Rome. Here in this image you can see a beautiful and colorful flowers. As ought to be clear in the photograph there are such a mix of things to see which gets our eyes in all with its brilliance and elegancy The Capitol is the littlest of the Roman slopes, however allungan- measurements to the Tiber, between the valley ...

title: Trevi Fountain 9

Trevi Fountain 9

If you love to travel then you should plan for a trip to Rome. Because is only an amazing place for tourists. It is also a romantic spot and youngsters love to come there. The configuration of the Trevi changed a few times as it was being manufactured, as happens with development extends that outlast the subsidizing source. In the mid ...

title: Decorated Altar at the Church

Decorated Altar at the Church

It’s a picture of The Beautifully Decorated Altar at the Church of Saint Crisogono. The central zone of Rome is not immense, and a fit individual can go between the town's vacation destinations by walking. Then again, it can be exceptionally tiring trekking around the avenues and an excessive amount of dependence on open transport may shred your temper. So it merits taking ...

title: Fontana Del Mose 4

Fontana Del Mose 4

Here in the picture you can see the lovely Fontana Del Mose of Rome. Rome is a best destination for couples because it is popular for romance. Rome has many charms to offer you which will make your trip a lovely and memorable trip. Especially the fountains of Rome are more than amazing. Fontana Del Mose is the immense first Fontana wellsprings, and if Domenico Fontana got ...

title: Rome 51

Rome 51

It is an image of a beautiful view of an amazing architecture in the evening view. The list of what to find in Rome is enormous. Pressed with vacation destinations and world renowned locales, it can be elusive all the best places to find in Rome when you're on a tight schedule. From widely acclaimed and clamoring vacationer centers like the Colosseum, to the moderately ...

title: Old Stone Head Bust Statue

Old Stone Head Bust Statue

It’s an outstanding old stone head bust statue at Capitoline Museum. The Capitoline Museums are in two structures arranged around the Piazza del Campidoglio which was made by no not definitely Michelangelo himself. At the purpose of merging of this square stands a statue of the sovereign Marcus Aurelius which is one of the different instantly evident sights of ...

title: Rome 48

Rome 48

In this photo we can see a beautiful and amazing statue of a man in Rome. It is sculpted in a unique design. The exhibition halls are contained in three palazzi encompassing a focal trapezoidal piazza in an arrangement brought about by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1536 and executed more than a time of more than 400 years. The historical backdrop of the exhibition halls can be ...

title: The Colosseum1

The Colosseum1

The Colosseum is presumably the most eminent point of interest in Rome. Manufactured in the first century AD, this awesome stadium could situate 45,000 observers and was the biggest Roman amphitheater on the planet. It facilitated gladiatorial battles, exhibitions with wild mammoths and potentially the execution of right on time Christians. All through the middle Ages, the Colosseum was accepted to be a ...

title: Fontana di Trevi 4

Fontana di Trevi 4

There are many things in the world which are amazing and should not be missed by anyone. Fontana di Trevi is one of them and if you have any doubt then you can see this image. This fountain is a wishing fountain and famous because of its statues as well. These all statues have some unique stories which attract outsiders toward this fountain. The Fontana di Trevi is made very innovatively. And if you ...

title: Arche Costantino 9

Arche Costantino 9

Here in this image you can see a close up of Arche Costantino which is a famous monument of Rome. This is one of the amazing and attractive charms of city. Everyone needs a break from their daily life and then they should plan a trip with their loved ones. This is the biggest and best moderated of every single triumphal curve in Rome. It was inherent ...

title: Fontaine de Trevi Throwing coins Fontana di Trevi Trevi Fountain

Fontaine de Trevi - Throwing coins Fontana di Trevi - Trevi Fountain

Tourists tossing coins in the Trevi Fountain, under the sight of Neptune, to ensure their return to Rome, as the legend says.

title: Arche Costantino 10

Arche Costantino 10

This is the night view of Arche Costantino and seems to be very stunning. Arche Costantino is remaining between the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, the Arch of Constantine is one of the greatest of Rome's out of date triumphal bends, watching Emperor Constantine the Great's AD 313 triumph over Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge. Regardless of the way that the ...

title: Ancient Ruins at the Torre Argentina

Ancient Ruins at the Torre Argentina

Here you can see the Ancient Ruins at the Torre Argentina in this picture. Known as Largo di Torre Argentina, this archeological miracle was unearthed as a major aspect of Mussolini's reconstructing endeavors in 1929, uncovering broad multi-level sanctuaries that lie indented 20 feet underneath cutting edge road level. Other than a few distinct sanctuaries, Torre ...

title: Renowned Museo delle

Renowned Museo delle

Here you can see Renowned Museo delle Cere Waxworks access to the Museum. Rome is magnificent city and well known for its Churches, Parks, Museums and Hotels and so forth. Rome's waxwork verifiable focus is said to have the world's third-greatest gathering, which exemplifies more than 250 figures, reaching out from Barack Obama to Snow White, notwithstanding plentiful ...

title: Cat Sanctuary of Rome

Cat Sanctuary of Rome

In this picture you can see the Lazy Cats in the Afternoon time at Cat Sanctuary of Rome. It is a stunning spot to visit. You will locate a great assortment of felines here in this spot. It's so stunning to see the Lazy Cats in the Afternoon time when they look truly drained. This spot is extremely renowned in the entire world. You can ...

title: Rome Fontana di Trevi  magical Trevi Fountain  Fontaine de Trevi

Rome -Fontana di Trevi – magical Trevi Fountain – Fontaine de Trevi

Tourists discover the magical setting of the Fontana di Trevi.

title: Campidoglio 1

Campidoglio 1

This is an amazing image of stunning statue of Marcus Aurelius in Rome. A visit to Campidoglio ought to begin from the focal square (the Piazza del Campidoglio), a standout among the most amazing squares in Rome. Climbing the long flight of ventures to achieve the square you go between two expansive Roman statues of Castor and Pollux with their stallions, making a standout among the most forcing sights in the city. The square ...

title: Bronze Equestrian Statue

Bronze Equestrian Statue

Here you can see a bronze equestrian statue in the Capitoline Museum which seems to be very attractive. The stunning Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius is an obsolete Roman model in Campidoglio, Rome, Italy. It is made up of bronze and 4.24 m tall. Despite the fact that the head is mounted, it displays numerous similitudes to standing statues ...

title: Vatican Museums Amazing Exit

Vatican Museums Amazing Exit

Tourist descending the spiral exit ramp of The Vatican Museums, another architectural splendor of The Vatican City. The spiral staircase of the Vatican Museum is counted among the ten amazing staircases in the world. This stunning bronze balustrade is made up of two wrought iron stairways, one going up and one going down, that curve in a double helix.

title: Rome


It’s very unique artistic Egyptian style statue with detailed marble carving at Capitoline Museums of Rome. This statue explains some of the histories of Rome which attract outsiders of the city. The Capitoline Museums in Rome, were situated up by Pope Clement XII in 1734, making them the first verifiable focuses on the planet open to the all-inclusive community. Truly one display lobby spread out in two structures – the Palazzo dei Conservatori and the ...

title: Rome 47

Rome 47

This is an image of a beautiful stone curve statue of a man in Rome. Since its birthplaces the Capitol slope has been the city's seat government and the sufficient spot for serious open festivals. Piazza Del Campidoglio, outlined by Michelangelo, is encompassed by three respectable royal residences. The Capitoline Picture Gallery contains more than 200 canvases from the fourteenth to the eighteenth hundreds of years by uncommon painters, for example, ...

title: Rome


The Romans toppled their outside ruler’s c.500 BC and built up the Roman republic, which endured four centuries. The patrician class controlled the administration, however the plebs (who included by a long shot the real partition of the populace) were permitted to choose the two patrician delegates, who held ...

title: Colosseum3


This is a bewildering snap demonstrating the Beautiful perspective of Colosseum Rome. Found only east of the Roman Forum, the huge stone amphitheater known as the Colosseum was dispatched around A.D. 70-72 by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian line as a blessing to the Roman individuals. In A.D. 80, ...

title: Rome 55

Rome 55

This is an amazing image of a beautiful landmark in Rome. It is truly looking lovely and amazing. Legends proliferate in regards to Isola Tiberina's starting points - the most well-known one holds that the old Romans summoned it into presence when they tossed the harvests of their detestable ruler, Tarquin the Proud, in ...

title: Romulus and Remus Statue with the she Wolf

Romulus and Remus Statue with the she Wolf

Here in this image you can see the Romulus and Remus Etruscan bronze statue with the Capitoline Wolf at the Capitoline Museum of Rome. The Lupa Capitolina, also called the Capitoline Wolf, is one of the old images of Rome connected with its mythology and establishing. It is a symbol which can even now be seen all through Italy and the city of Rome, and keeps on being connected with the Italian individuals. At the point when one visits Rome today, they can hope to see this acclaimed ...

title: Arco di Costantino portals and statues Arch of Constantine  L Arc de Constantin

Arco di Costantino portals and statues - Arch of Constantine – L’Arc de Constantin

The Arch of Constantine has three portals and is richly decorated with statues and carved reliefs. Streets around it are covered with black paving stones. Horse-drawn carriages are ready to take you on a ride.

title: Campidoglio 2

Campidoglio 2

This is a beautiful and unique image of a beautiful architecture in Rome. In this photograph we can see a broad assortment of roman period recognizes the current outline of the Piazza del Campidoglio and the encompassing palazzos was made by acclaimed Renaissance craftsman and engineer Michelangelo Buonarroti. The commission ...

title: Colonna Antonina 1

Colonna Antonina 1

This is an amazing picture of Colonna Antonina which is placed in Rome. There are many alluring charms in Rome which should not be missed by anyone. If you have any doubt then you can see this image of Colonna Antonina, Rome. This is the close up of Colonna Antonina and there you can see something unique. Here in this image you can see Very little ...

title: Rome


Publius Aelius Hadrianus (76 AD- 138 AD) was destined to a congressperson of the Roman Senate. His family settled in Spain, which was then piece of the Empire, and he invested bunches of energy there. Hadrian joined the Roman military at a youthful age and worked his way up the positions. He demonstrated a ...

title: Ponte Sisto

Ponte Sisto

Ponte Sisto is a footbridge in Rome’s historic center, spanning the river Tiber.

title: The Colosseum

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is an extensive oval with layered seating, with a curved stadium inside. It is consolidated a blend of materials including (an astonishment for cutting edge guests here maybe) concrete for the establishments. The Romans designed the super-solid material, and it permitted them to manufacture bigger, steadier structures. Travertine stone (mined from the slopes of Latium around Rome) was ...

title: Trevi Fountain 13

Trevi Fountain 13

Here in the picture you can see the whole Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is a standout amongst the most celebrated wellsprings on the planet. It speaks to the ideal mix of elegance and Baroque style and is arranged on one side of the Palazzo Poli in the focal point of Rome. The structure is made to look significantly all the more forcing because of the little square in which it was manufactured and by the various slender avenues that you have to follow so as to ...

title: Trevi Fountain 15

Trevi Fountain 15

Here in this image you can see amazing Trevi Fountain which is very popular fountain. This exceptional Trevi Fountain has a long history. Its birthplaces go back to antiquated Roman times and when it served as the terminal purpose of the water channel Aqua Virgo. Water Virgo means "the Virgins Water" and gets from an old Roman legend. The legend expresses that a youthful lady uncovered the water's wellspring to a gathering of Roman troopers. Ruler ...

title: Arche Costantino 4

Arche Costantino 4

If you wish to go for a trip with your family then don’t miss the chance to go for Rome. If you want to see a lovely charm of the city from your home then you can see this picture of Arche Costantino. Arche Costantino is situated on the Roman road along which triumphs went, in the stretch between the Circus Maximus and the Arch of Titus, the Arch of Constantine is the biggest privileged curve that has come down to us and is an amalgamation of the ideological ...

title: Colona


In this image you can see 1752 when Giuseppe Vasi drew this etching Piazza Colonna was the most important square of Rome; or to be more precise of the relatively lay society made up of the noble families which had their palaces along Via del Corso, of the rich foreign travellers who stayed at the inns of the Strangers' Quarter, of the many solicitors and barristers practicing at the tribunals in Palazzo di Montecitorio and ...

title: Renowned Colosseum of Rome

Renowned Colosseum of Rome

This is the amazing view of Rome, here in the image you can see Renowned Colosseum of Rome. The Colosseum opened for business in 80 CE in the rule of Titus, Vespasian's eldest child, with a one hundred day combatant staggering and was at long last finished in the rule of the other child, Domitian. The completed the process of building was similar to nothing seen before ...

title: The Colosseum5

The Colosseum5

The Colosseum is likely the most well-known point of interest in Rome. Constructed in the first century AD, this incredible stadium could situate 45,000 observers and was the biggest Roman amphitheater on the planet. It facilitated gladiatorial battles, displays with wild brutes and potentially the execution of right on time Christians. All through the medieval times, the Colosseum was accepted to be a position of affliction and was subsequently viewed as a ...

title: Fontana Del Mose 3

Fontana Del Mose 3

If you love to see new things then you can plan a trip to Rome with your best buddies for some amazing time. There are many amazing charms in Rome which should not be missed by anyone. Rome has many alluring things for you especially its fountains. Here you can see the beauty of a fountain which is known as Fontana Del Mose. There is never a lack of amazing ...

title: Rome 43

Rome 43

This is an amazing image of an architecture in Rome. The design of the architecture in this image is truly looking unique. Rome is a hub of ancient building and monuments. Rome is one of the busiest places in the world by tourist. Rome is celebrated for its excellent antiquated building, landmarks and statue. The Romans made or upgraded their art by copying the ...

title: Colosseum of Rome1

Colosseum of Rome1

This is an astonishing snap demonstrating the stunning point of view of the colosseum of Rome. Rome's Colosseum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World Italy is all around associated with whatever is left of the world by means of air, and also via area and ocean, with autos, prepares, transports and water crafts ...

title: Rome 44

Rome 44

This is an amazing image of a unique architecture in Rome. The Capitoline Hill is the smallest and most vital of the seven slopes of Ancient Rome. As the political and religious heart of Rome the slope turned into an image of Rome's rule as Caput Mundi, capital of the world. Today the slope still symbolizes the heart of Rome and it is the ideal beginning stage for a visit of the Eternal City. Excavations of the slope have revealed hints of a settlement that was assembled here in ...

title: Isola Tiberina

Isola Tiberina

This is an image of a beautiful island in Rome. The island is looking really beautiful in this image. For quite a long time the Tiber Island was prevalently, if wrongly, accepted to have conformed to the body of the detested King Tarquin Superbus, whose oust (and hurling into the Tiber) prompted the establishing of the first Roman Republic in 509 B.c. Isola Tiberina has held that part from that point ...

title: People s Square

People's Square

This is an amazing view of the People's Square in Rome. Piazza Del Popolo has a long and intriguing history. This square has gotten its name from one of the square's houses of worship - the Santa Maria Del Popolo. The name of the square actually signifies "the Peoples Square" in current Italian, ...