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title: Roman


In this instance we can see Hannibal was a Carthaginian military officer who was famously known as one of the best and most gifted administrator in the history. After the first Punic war there was a provisional peace in the middle of Carthage and Romans. Both financial matters was subordinate in the Mediterranean Sea. The improvement of the trade exchange paths from the Eastern nations like Greece and ...

title: Rome orchestra

Rome - orchestra

Orchestra performing in Rome.

title: Streets of Rome

Streets of Rome

Tourists walking in the streets of Rome.

title: Walking in the ancient city of Rome

Walking in the ancient city of Rome

Tourists walking in the ancient city of Rome.

title: Rome 42

Rome 42

This an amazing image of a beautiful architecture in Rome. In this occurrence we can see Roman human advancement changed definitely over the time of the time. Gaius Octavian Thurinus (Julius Caesar's nephew) turned into the first sovereign of the Rome and took the name Augustus Caesar. In spite of the fact that Julius Caesar ruled Rome as the sovereign for ...

title: Rome 41

Rome 41

This is a picture of a lovely building in Rome. It is delightfully constructed in an olden times design. The building is looking really flawless and vivid. In this site we can see Rome was built up in 753 BCE by Romulus and Remus arranged along the Mediterranean Sea. Rome augmented unbelievably and transformed into the ...

title: Rome Architecture

Rome Architecture

Wonderfully designed building in Rome.

title: Rome 59

Rome 59

Here in the image you can see a statue of Christ sleeping on the arm of Mary in the city of Rome. The statue is made of a high quality clay. The structure and the idea of the art I really impressive. Here in city Rome you will see many amazing and stunning statue. All around that truly matters a thousand years former, Rome was the best, wealthiest, most fit city in the Western world, with quality over the lion's offer of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. Certainly, even after the fall ...