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Argentina has many peculiarities that have traveled the world by word of mouth with the people who have visited the country. The outgoing personality of its people, who are friendly, fun and effusive; the typical cuisine which includes asado, mate, region
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Argentina Late con Vos
Argentina Late con Vos
It would definitely be unpleasant not to visit the dance shows of Argentina. For it is not only an exquisite and fascinating scene, these shows are rarely danced anywhere else in the world. You might catch the audience mesmerized by this unique spectacle. The moves are faultless even the clothing and hair-do couldn’t be more original in its own particular way it screams Argentina is the home of dance!
Raffting Mendoza Argentina
Raffting, Mendoza Argentina
Cuyo Argentina is one of the cities that most attract vacationers with the highest mountain, its archeological value, and its beautiful lakes. For those who enjoy the waters should definitely try rafting. There is nothing like discovering the river, a true adventure awaits you. The groups are always prepared with the right equipment for any unfortunate situation with a professional on board. Rafting is the experience of a lifetime; the thrill of it is remarkable it would leave you with high levels of dopamine! For those who enjoy a great journey should unquestionably try this exquisite sport.
Salinas Grandes Jujuy Argentina
Salinas Grandes, Jujuy Argentina
In the Northwest of Argentina, is located the Salinas Grandes. An amazing location filled with salt flats that at sight looks like pure white snow. But do not be fooled it is salt! Tourists enjoy walking on them, discovering them some would say it really makes them feel like they are in a different world. You will find salt pools within the salt flats and some believe it has healing properties. In order to reach the salts you could make the transport from Purmamarca if you do not mind driving. Even the road before reaching this other world of pure salt is fascinating.
Trecking Tolar Grande Salta Argentina
Trecking - Tolar Grande, Salta Argentina
Climbing the high desert mountains of Tolar Grande is indeed hard work yet it is worth it. Some would say it feels too good to be true. Tourists from all over the world come especially to Norte region just to watch this eye-catching natural sand mountain. The desert is located in Salta, a friendly village, no tall buildings; it’s perfect for those who are looking for some quiet time.
Tren a las Nubes Salta Argentina
Tren a las Nubes, Salta Argentina
An old train passes through Salta Argentina, open for business still after years of operating. Regardless how dangerous people believe the ride is; you can feel the old times reincarnating in this machine. You can watch the beauty of nature from your window, as you tour the city. Green fields for miles and miles just to fulfill your eyesight. And if you enjoy meeting new people from different cultures such as the natives the trip will be worth taking.
Trineo en Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego Argentina
Trineo en Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Argentina
The southernmost city of the world Ushuaia. It is the place to visit for snow activities such as snowboarding, skiing, snow fishing, making snow angles and many more. It is a great place for a family vacation. Some small cabanas are built to warm up. Do not forget to prepare yourself for the cold weather.
Santa Catalina Cordoba Argentina
Santa Catalina, Cordoba Argentina
The Jesuit Block in Córdoba is a fusion of different cultures, built by missionaries and a former Jesuit reduction. Within the historical church is built the University of Córdoba. Within the Jesuit Block of Córdoba five estancias are built that contains secular buildings that illustrate the distinctive social, religious, economic experiment passed out to the world for over 150 years.
LGBT Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina
LGBT - Palermo, Buenos Aires Argentina
Palermo, Buenos Aires is a capital that grew rapidly in the 19th century especially during the presidency of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. The nightlife of the city is magnifique! Coffee shops and bars around every corner, Buenos Aires is a chic and wild destination, there is nothing like enjoying a vacation to the max!
Polo Buenos Aires Argentina
Polo - Buenos Aires Argentina
Polo day is held every day in El Camino that is located near the city. Professional players help you learn the game. In this site there are two polo fields and a swimming pool. You can watch a game and enjoy the wine and delicious food.
Talampaya La Rioja Argentina
Talampaya, La Rioja Argentina
Mornings in Talampaya ought to be taken advantage of for a hike or a ride on the bicycle, since the weather is hot and in the noon would not be the best idea to explore. Talampaya’s name is from a Quechua term meaning “Dry Riverbed of the Tala”, according to the Tala tree that once grew there. The rocks are immense and red, beautifully designed by nature. It is an archeological area and considered to be an open air museum.
Turismo Educativo Cordoba Argentina
Turismo Educativo - Cordoba Argentina
Córdoba has one of the most country’s financial centers. The Jesuit estates are found there dating back to the 17th century which later on declared as world heritage. The National University of Córdoba is one of the oldest universities in the country; it is the second to be launched in Latin America.
Ballenas Puerto Madryn Chubut Argentina
Ballenas, Puerto Madryn, Chubut Argentina
The ideal vacation is in Puerto Madryn, a seaside resort for a perfect getaway. The town is protected by the Golfo Nuevo which is a body of water formed by the Península Valdés. The wildlife is more than words can describe; imagine the whales beautifully swimming in the ocean and nature is all there is to capture your heart and soul.
Asado Buenos Aires Argentina
Asado, Buenos Aires Argentina
Food in Argentine is quiet delicious, specially the Asado festivals; the event of barbeque. The Asado is not just steak it is the real deal, beef couldn’t taste any better. Most of these festivals take place in Buenos Aires. Many options of meat are available such as the Bife de lomo, Entraña, Asado de tira, Vacío and Bife de chorizo.
Ruta del Vino Mendoza Argentina
Ruta del Vino - Mendoza Argentina
The vineyards of Mendoza are vast and divided to the northern zone, eastern zone and Uco valley. Some of their famous wine is the Lagarde, the Dante Robino, the Bodegas López, the Bodega Familia Zuccardi and the Algodon Wine Estates. Not only wine tasting is available you can also tour the vineyards also see how wine is made.
Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego Argentina
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Argentina
Sea food in Ushuaia is definitely exquisite. It is not only a town to visit for its weather but also for the mouthwatering food. It’s a great escape from the dull routine of the daily life. The restaurants are a must visit while your stay in Ushuaia.
Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Argentina
Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires Argentina
Puerto Madero does not only have the latest architectural trends in the city of Buenos Aires it also happens to be a great business making city; occupying a significant portion of the Río de la Plata riverbank. A foreign and local investment was made in the late 1990’s that had eventually led to an immense rebirth; recreating the city by building fancy and five starts hotels, restaurants and apartments.
Mocona Misiones Argentina
Moconá, Misiones Argentina
Green fields everywhere you look, enormous trees covering the waterfall. That is Mocona. The jungle belongs to one of the most important subtropical forests of South America. The falls of Monoca are the longest in the world, almost 3 kilometers long and 15 meters high with the river below. It will truly leave you speechless.
Avistaje Pinguinos Punta Tombo Chubut Argentina
Avistaje Pinguinos - Punta Tombo, Chubut Argentina
In Punta Tombo, the Magellanic penguins come to lay their eggs on the sand. Creating nests and watching their offspring until they grow. Both female and male penguins work together; occasionally one of them would go to the beach to catch fish so they would eat. However, in late September the penguins would leave to find a new home in Patagonia.
Banado de la Estrella Formosa Argentina
Bañado de la Estrella, Formosa Argentina
El Bañado la Estrella is more than a breathtaking semi-region; it certainly has a very interesting history. It had been flooded by the Pilcomayo River many times; this resulted in the definition of the landscapes, giving it the beauty that it has today. The Hardwood trees also drowned by the flood wish resulted into having the perfect frames of ghostly figures. The nearest town is only 45 kilometer away. This heaven like place is well protected to retain its one of a kind quality. The perfect time of the year to visit El Bañado la Estrella is during the months from May to September. Less heat, insects and definitely a more comfortable stay.
Observacion de Aves Argentina
Observacion de Aves Argentina
Bird watching in Argentina is an experience of a lifetime! You can find distinctive spices of birds that will truly amaze you. The earth creepers brush runners, cachalots, and gallitos and much more some have come across over 308 different spices. Inspecting them in the blue sky, not just flying but also dancing and making round turns they are gorgeous!